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Mountain biking and cycling in the Alpbachtal

Biking in the Alpbachtal is a marvel for those guests seeking a range of cycling adventures. On one hand the region can prove so demanding it has been chosen 4-times as a stage in the legendary Transalp Challenge, one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, held every year in July. On the other hand, the valley offers a host of paths and cycling fun which even in high season, delivers extensive opportunity for single riders or groups across its fascinating landscape.

Biking in the Alpbachtal offers true enjoyment and sporting challenges. The tour you choose dicates your level of adventure. The choice will not be easy as the variety is large and all encompassing. Just take them one at a time and cover as many as possible. Once you have experienced the Alpbachtal by bike, you will be hooked and your return guaranteed.

Easy, Medium or Challenging, the Choice is Yours!

A warm welcome to the Mountain Bikers Eldorado that is Alpbachtal. More than 20 spectacular tours await you. Even we can not advise which route offers the most beautiful landscape...all of them are unforgettable.

If you are not interested in a sporting venture then wonder at the local countryside across the comfortable Route 316 Kolber, covering 12 kilometers of prepared road – our tip for beginners and those finding their bikers legs! You will pass traditional farmhouses and enjoy the picture perfect areas of Reith, Hygna and Kolber.

Slightly more ambitious is the Route 321 Alpbachtalrundfahrt: 25,5 kilometers of beautiful vistas and grand natural beauty. Enjoy a break to take in your surroundings, and photograph some memories. The climb is fairly steep, but worth it for the views and the backdrop of the Gratlspitz which will leave you dazzled.

A real highlight for the experienced mountain biker is the 40 kilometer round tour of the Guffert. Leading upwards to the traditional Gufferhütte, the path levels out across the Brandenberger Ache where you can follow the route at your leisure to the Kaiserhaus, the perfect resting place to enjoy a range of local dishes.

Guided Bike Tours in Alpbachtal

Whether you are looking for tips from our local professionals or want to enjoy a guided tour from an experienced guide, look no further than joining the Alpbachtal Bike Tours.

These organised tours offer a range of opportunites for all levels of biking. For those seeking a comfortable cycling experience look at the Rad-Schnuppertour which takes between 2 and 2.5 hours from Kramsach across the lakes to 'Camping Seeblick Toni'. Discover the spectacular local nature and beautiful countryside whilst enjoying 'Aktivbiking' with a professional biking guide. From beginners to experienced cyclists – our local bike professionals promise a great day out.

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Something very special

An experience you won't forget is the Mountain Bike-Route 307 Inneralpbach-Hornboden; the highest tour in Alpbachtal.

The stretch is 'only' 10 kilometers long but winds it way at an astounding 1000m. Not for the faint-hearted and untrained. You need to be in good condition to enjoy this route.

As luck would have it, the Hornboden mountain restaurant is along the way with a menu covering local and traditional fare. Mountain biking in Alpbachtal: Challenging, spectacular, enjoyable..the bikers region!

Racing Bike Opportunities in Alpbachtal

Obviously, our region is renowned for its mountains and majestic peaks much loved by mountain bikers but a bounty of tarmac routes offer great discovery for the racing bike fraternity. A much loved choice is the Rennradroute 502 which ascends to the impressive Kerschbaumer Sattel am Reither Kogel. Also the Runde Wörgl-Angerberger, route 508 on the map, is a local tip for fun. Easy or challenging, wonderful panoramic views which will leave you with powerful memories, are all on offer from the paradise that is Alpbachtal.